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Thread: Gaming and the Logitech MX900

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    Gaming and the Logitech MX900

    Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is the correct forum on this site to post, but...

    I play BF1942 and I use a mouse to fly. Recently a friend purchased a Logitech MX900 for me but I am having a difficult time setting alternate functions to its peripheral buttons. It seems that the game doesn't recognize the binding or the mouse software will no allow me to reassign its buttons. At any rate I downloaded a file from the Logitech website called "mw9791enu." Apparently it is a patch for the mouseware drivers, but it seems to be ineffective. If someone out there knows of a solution I would appreciate any help on this. I'd hate for my friend to have wasted 80 bucks for what he intended to be a "gaming" mouse for me.

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    Hi & welcome to AO!

    In my experience with Logitech is that the help section and FAQ's are very poor, however if you email them your problem they are very very good at helping you!

    My advise to you is that if you have updated your driver & searched their help section but the problem still persists then send them an Email explaining your problem.

    This is the results page for a search of MX900 in their help section:


    if you cant find anything there, go here:


    Enter your country and it will give you there relevent contact details for you to get in contact with them!

    Good Luck
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