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Thread: pgp keys: where to store?

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    Apr 2002

    pgp keys: where to store?

    Its probably not the safest thing to store your PGP keys on your hard drive, because if you are hacked, they can be stolen, right? Or am I just being paranoid?

    Any safe (and quick) places to store them?
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    Master-Jedi-Pimps0r & Moderator thehorse13's Avatar
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    I have a USB flash drive where all of my keys are stored. It's simple and it works.
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    Ooooh, someone needs to write a tut on this stuff...

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    I just keep mine on a floppy disk. One not labled that I keep with all my saved homework from school.
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    I keep mine on a post-it that I've laminated and taped to my monitor.

    Oh, I also keep a couple of spares under my keyboard... just in case.


    I have a sony microvault USB flash key that is password protected and encrypted.

    I also have them encrypted twice in my palm pilot... encrypted with YAPS (yet another password safe) and then that database is encrypted by the T3 using RC4 encryption... I also have "intrusion prevention" turned on... meaning... if I type in the password wrong 3 times it erases all encrypted data/databases on the T3. Since the backup of the database is also stored on my PC for hotsync... I have that encrypted using Microsoft's EFS.

    I'm not sure exactly how strong m$'s EFS is... but nobody except for my account can access it and I use very strong passwords.

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    Apr 2002
    Ok, I just moved mine to a plain floppy (is that safe enough, or can I encrypt the floppy too? please fill me in with details), but now the pgp tray keeps complaining that it can't access the keys...should I not worry?
    Either get busy living or get busy dying.

    -The Sawshank Redemption

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