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Thread: virus infection...average downtime...

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    virus infection...average downtime...

    are there any up to date sites that show how (preferably with numbers!) prolific virus infection has become...and in particular i would really like to know what the average downtime is in corporate environments due to virus infection...

    had a very quick google and look at the mcafee site but couldnt find much that i could make reference too.

    any links greatfully received.

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    Closest thing I can come up with in my head would by Symantec's website: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/

    Aftrer a few mins on IRC, good ol' Maestr0 was able to find the other site I was thinking of but coulldn't remember exactly: http://dshield.org/

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    Well talking with others I know in the industry in my area and my own infections 3 times by lame users actual down times can vary. Longest for me and average of those I spoke to was about an hour on the server side of things. Mind you in the real world internal network functions nothing was lost but emal one hour to clean out the spool restore the registry. Usually functions can be shifted between servers well at least I can mine. At 50 + users the infected machine in isolated pretty fast like everyone yells such and such just let that virus you warned us about loose and maybe one person the rest of the day to empty out most peoples in boxes. Anyway people may loose their email for a bit and web access to contain the virus. But in business the ability to do your job minus web access and email like use the printers, fax, telephone means people can do work not slack off and charge their time overhead ( I'm in a billable time place). But for the most part most virus are caught at the firewall not that content type attachment, or other rules set up to notice no many connections from one server. I spend more time down loading removal tools or instructions and keeping up with them then actucal time removing them LOL that is wher most my time is and I consider it down time because it takes me off of network upgrades or other projects related to IS functions.
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    Well as far as average downtime I would say it depends on the virus. Although corportate companys tend to work fast with that sort of thing cuz well as we've all heard a 1000 times "Time is money".


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