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Thread: What's it Worth?

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    What's it Worth?


    Prior to starting an account in AO, I had visited this site off and on for a multitude of years. Gleaning everything I could from the threads. My impression was/is that professionals, computer savvy individuals, students, and those that wanted to become such, were involved in a site to benefit as many as would visit it. Back in those days, actually not very long ago, I was one of the guests that we see at “Users Online Now” and stayed at awe by the knowledge that many individuals possessed. I can’t count the times that I had computer/network questions answered just by taking a stroll through the threads or watching the replies to various posts. And the humorous bantering kept and keeps me in stitches as well! So where is all this going?

    Through the Internet, the world views AO and what we post. Good, bad, indifferent, it doesn’t matter. They will come. What's it Worth? Sometime if you want to see how important you are, just take a peek at the multitude of guests that are viewing the threads.

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    I think it's worth $27, and a pack of cigarettes.

    Congratulations on becoming a senior.

    You'll get your decoder ring in the mail.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    wuhuu senior ! I can't wait til I'm a senior member with that much AP's !

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