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Thread: "Hackers of the Lost Ark" Challenge

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    Exclamation "Hackers of the Lost Ark" Challenge

    Just though this might be of some fun and interest:


    "Counter Hack" author Ed Skoudis presents HACKERS OF THE LOST ARK, another of his popular Crack-the-Hacker challenges.

    Going along with Ed's usual flair of adventurous back-story (this one no doubt inspired by the 1981 blockbuster "Raiders of the Lost Ark”) we learn that just after archeologist Indiana Jones had retrieved the all powerful Ark of the Covenant from the Nazis, it was secretly stored away in a giant warehouse by the United States Government, never to be found again...

    That is until of course, a group of evil Neo-Nazis hacks into the Government's prototype server holding sensitive information of the Ark's exact location...and suddenly a whole new adventure begins and your forensics skills are beckoned!

    Ed himself is offering prizes to the top three sleuths.

    The challenge runs until July 2nd and is available here:


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    Sounds fun and interesting. Ill have to check it out. Thanks for the link.

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