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Thread: Here Comes Windows XP SP2........What. Really ?

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    Post Here Comes Windows XP SP2........What. Really ?

    From the 'What's New NOW' @ Ziff Davis.

    More on THAT service pack
    The link goes to eWeek,
    and there, it gives a list of links to various other questions you (might have) had.
    Here Comes Windows XP SP2

    After what seems like the longest incubation process on record, it looks like the next version of Windows is almost ready to ship. That's right, Microsoft has just released the second release candidate of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, which is almost a brand-new OS. If you're wondering what's inside, or how you're going to cope with this new OS, don't miss our detailed coverage.
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    It'd be nice to see how this fares. I've given MS props for XP Professional being tons better than Win9x, even if they do have loads of problems still and more discovered all the time. This SP will fare until WOW is supported natively under linux and then I'm gone, woo!
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    I installed the RC yesterday, and I don't have any problems with it... that's a good thing, no?
    I haven't had time to play with it yet, but there seem to be some interesting new features:

    - Wireless Network Setup Wizard
    - The new firewall actually works
    - There is a lot of emphasis on Automatic Updates
    - The security center automatically recognizes your AV
    - Pop-up blocker for IE

    While installing, Kerio went nuts: this updates needs access to who-knows-what every 5 seconds...

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    I too installed the RC build. The only problem I ran into was with an LSP installed by a third party software vendor. Seems the network stack didn't like the LSP entry after the install. The vendor will have to come up with a patch for us.

    The firewall, yes, it does seem to work. I plan on doing a little evilness to it before I give it my official blessing.

    The wireless wizard is pretty slick. I hasn't so much as hiccuped at me...yet.

    All in all, this service pack (I take offense to the notion that it's a new OS) seems to have all the features that customers have been bitching about or that the industry has been driving. Hmmmmmmm. Now which is it? LOL.
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    Keep us updated on your path to the dark side against the firewall... I want to see how strong it is...
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    Something else I just noticed in Outlook Express.

    Whenever an HTML-email contains external content, Outlook Express blocks them from downloading, and instead displays this message above the actual message:
    Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2149 (xpsp_sp2_rc2.040610-1520)

    Some pictures have been blocked to help prevent the sender from identifying your computer. Click here to download pictures.
    The option to turn it off: Tools --&gt; Options --&gt; Security: Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail.

    Makes sense

    Oh, and Hallmark makes the Outlook stationery... heh.

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    The firwall is enabled by default. I have also played with changing firwall settings via scripts. Very nice. For instance I could randomly set firewall settings on each workstation from command and control via netsh. NICE. Or course I can do that now, but with the default of enabled and some additional code to make it smarter at tearing down unused ports, I like it so far. Better than nothing and all those home users will get it. I see major issues for a while but better over all. Oh in addition has anyone played with the ability touted to lock down RPC etc?
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