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Thread: Maybe it's bees?...

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    Maybe it's bees?...

    People have been PMing me asking me what's going on with the board today (don't ask... I'm worn talking about it). I figure maybe this is why:

    Source: CNN

    Truck hauling bees crashes in Montana
    Dumps honey, sending bees on rampage

    Wednesday, June 16, 2004 Posted: 11:08 AM EDT (1508 GMT)

    BOZEMAN, Montana (AP) -- A tractor-trailer overturned on a curve on a highway, spilling its load of hundreds of bee hives and unleashing some nine million angry honey bees.

    The bees buzzed furiously as driver Lane Miller, his arm scraped to the bone, struggled to flee his rig after it overturned Monday in Bear Trap Canyon west of Bozeman. The truck slid across the highway before coming to a stop between guardrails.

    "I had to kick the windshield out of the front of the cab and the bees were on me from that moment," said Miller, 41. "I've never felt so much fear in my life."

    Miller walked away from the crash, and two people picked him up and took him to the hospital. Miller underwent surgery on his arm and suffered bruises and about 20 stings.

    The state road was closed for 14 hours as crews and beekeepers cleaned up the 512 hives Miller was hauling from Idaho to North Dakota.

    In spite of bee suits and extra clothing, beekeeper Gary Clark said he counted about 60 stings of his own.

    "Everybody had literally thousands of bees on them, in their hats and on their suits," Clark said. "When we pulled the boxes out, big globs of them would fall on us."

    Firefighters directing traffic also suffered stings.

    "The bees were so agitated you could barely see the beekeepers or the wreckage itself, just because of the cloud of bees that were swarming," said fire chief Shawn Christiansen.

    It wasn't until 3 a.m. Tuesday that a tow truck got in to haul out the tractor-trailer, leaving behind pools of honey from the overturned hives.

    State Transportation Department employees dropped sand on the road to soak up the sticky mess.
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    Re: Maybe it's bees?...

    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    People have been PMing me asking me what's going on with the board today (don't ask... I'm worn talking about it).
    You having fun yet MsM?

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    I think the bees are a scapegoat so that valhallen does not blame Canada.
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    I blame.......

    Canadian Bees!!!!!!!!!!!

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    hahah valhallen, i expected Canada ! but no canadian bees. Omfg, u guys are just insane !

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    driver Lane Miller
    Hell, I know him and it sounds like he really messed up. Guess I'll have to call his brother and get all the gossip, since 'AO' is calming down a little now.
    Thanks MsM for all that you do.
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    Heh, that musta hurt. Btw Welcome back NemorY.
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