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Thread: Random Shut down?

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    Random Shut down?

    i've never seen something like this before...my computer just shuts down at random and with shut down i dont mean regular shut down...it just turns off and the light by power is flashing orange, i'd say that the average time of shutdown is about 20 mins or so, anyone know anything about this?

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    Have you checked inside your Box, by the sounds of it your CPU is over heating, therefore it's just shutting down, then rebooting once it goes down to a reasonable temperature??

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    I agree, sounds like you are having a heat problem.
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    wtf i never had that problem before though, and it seems to sound just fine...if thats hte problem what should i do? I mean i already got a fan on my processor but thats about it

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    First verify that it is indeed heat problem, Does your Box has a temp Monitorng feature.There are several software packages out there that can tap into your computer's thermal diode..one of them iis Motherboard Monitor......if not try running the computer with the cover off and room sufficiently Cooled...... for a day or so to see if continues to reboot. If the problem continues then it might be something else.

    Have you OverClocked your Processor..

    how old is computer..... .have u reapplied thermal compound paste sometimes the thermal can dry out......a bit more informatoin about the Computer will be healpful here..... Your System Cofiguraton

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    i know these may be really obvious, but you havnt mentioned if you have tried anything.

    it could be a few things:
    1. the power supply may be playing up on you

    2. as said by most others, it could be a CPU heat issue, does the shutdown usually happen when the system is under load, or idle, or totally randomly?

    3. it *may* be one of those shutdown related viruses, but not likely due to the nature of it

    have you checked the system logs for anything abnormal or out of place?
    if your system doesnt have temp monitoring software u can use in windows, u may be able to start your system, get into the BIOS settings, where you will probably have some temp readouts. Let the system ru nfor a half hour and see if the temps get abnormally high

    hope this may be of some help
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    Can you run a bootable linux cd without rebooting for a long time? (That the best way to know if you have a hardware problem or a Windows problem)
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