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Thread: not seeing computers

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    not seeing computers

    I am fed up windows 2000 p2p networking there is always a problem to see other computers in same LAN. first few days no problem.Firewall I got but set it exactly right. No complain on frewall.

    Though i can ping all the computer and even access the mapped drives made on each computer. Icannot see the computers around me on the NETWORK NEIGHBOOURHOOD . ANY suggestion pls?

    Does installing any software do this?

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    Im not sure that i fully understand your question. Please restate it more clearly.

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    It sounds like when he opens Network Neighbourhood he cannot see any computers. Have you tried this without the firewall?

    Thread moved to Operating Systems.
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    Yes I did, it didn't work

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    Originally posted here by rajunpl
    Yes I did, it didn't work
    Have you tried uninstalling the firewall - rebooting - and then checking Network Neighbourhood? Sometimes it will not automatically get it.

    BTW: Does your IP start with 169....?

    Start - Run - Type "cmd" - then type "ipconfig /all"
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    I always have this problem on my home network.. I gave up, and use the FTP from IIS and only turn it on when I need to copy something from one to the other...
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    I have similar problem ..

    * my desktop PC ( win XP ) second ethernet card manually set to
    * my laptop ( win 2K ) ethernet port manually set to
    * connected the two with cross cable
    * is able to PING in both direction ( network status shows RECEIVE on one, when PING from the other one).

    BUT... it failed when i try to run \\\c$ or \\\c$, and it used to work, and notw it doesnt !! any ideas ??

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