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Thread: Firefox .9 Crashing on Start

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    Firefox .9 Crashing on Start

    Well last night I downloaded the new Firefox, .9, and spent about two hours try to figure out why it kept crashing on me everytime I started it up... so this morning I decided to do some searching and found this:

    Go to your profile directory. Under Windows, this will be C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox. Under Macintosh OS X, this will be ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox. Under Linux, this will be ~/.mozilla/firefox/.

    Open prefs.js with a text editor, and remove the line containing "update.lastUpdateDate" if it exists. Then start Firefox and turn off all software and extension update preferences (Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Software Update) - but leave "Allow web sites to install software" alone.

    Thanks to Hendikins for this.

    Hopefully that should work. If it doesn't, feel free to post your problem in a seperate thread. Thank you!
    From: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewto...10f26b406dba0b

    So if anyone else is having this problem, that should fix it.. enjoy.

    After reading this, I redownloaded the binary and apparently they updated it since last night... so if you're having this problem, redownload Firefox, it should be fixed.

    - dave t

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    Thanks for that Madjag:

    I think i'll stick with 8 for a while longer. Give them some more time to work the bugs out.
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