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Thread: No beba el agua

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    No beba el agua

    I have trying trying to get rid of these pop ups that come from some website no beba el agua. Everytime I close Internet Explorer about 10 pop ups come up right each other. I'm pretty new to this so if anyone can please help you'll probably ave to speak to me like a kid.

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    These have got to be the #1 most common threads here at AO. Have you searched AO for related threads? You'll find your answer there, most definately.

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    If you are stuck on using Internet Explorer then I would suggest getting the Google Tool Bar, as it works very well against popups http://toolbar.google.com/
    If you wish, and I would recomend it highly, then use a non-Microsoft browser like:
    Mozilla http://www.mozilla.org/
    Mozilla Firefox version 0.9 http://www.mozilla.org/ (Which I use)
    Opera http://www.opera.com/
    Slim Browser http://www.flashpeak.com/sbrowser/ (an IE based browser)

    All these browsers are free and work in a windows system.
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    The long and short of your problem is that said site you're trying to view doesn't have popups on opening the site, it's upon closing. Turn off javascript and you'll be fine (ten to one).
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    Lol, don't drink the water.
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    I agree with moxnix, Mozilla is the way to go. It has a built-in popup blocker. Plus it's way more secure then IE... www.mozilla.org


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    Sir may I suggest a configuration of your IE browser?

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    Nice tut!! Quite handy for once the problem is fixed.

    Look for files called over.exe and pup.exe...delete them. If you need help looking for them, give a shout.

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    Originally posted here by FlamingRain
    Lol, don't drink the water.
    Buena idea. Cuándo yo estaba en México, no podría beber el aqua...perhaps the same applies when browsing the net. When cruising questionable sites...don't drink the water. (Gotta love mixed metaphors...)
    I\'m back.

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