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Thread: Nokia FW Issues

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    Nokia FW Issues

    Anyone seen this?

    I have a Nokia IP 350 with Checkpoint FW1 NG

    CP is turned off and am running IP forwarding at the router level

    While the nokia voyager shows a default gateway correctly entered,

    netstat -r n shows no gateway at all.

    Destination is blank for gateway....

    TCPDUMP shows ings entering the outside interface but since there is no gateway
    the pings can't be answered.

    NOKIA support is stumped so far...


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    - you entered default gateway at a nokia interface.
    - nokia box has Firewall disabled but routing facilities enabled.
    - you can ping from nokia box to anywhere.
    - you cant ping from inside network to outside network thru nokia box.
    if above statements are correct:
    - If nokia box is acting as a router, what kind of routing protocol is running there?
    - instead assign a default gateway, isnt better (for a router) stablish a static route to default GW?
    - When you shutdown FW, the default is: block all packets (is how Checkpoint works). Are you sure that you has disabled that feature?
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    you're asking IT SUPPORT for help with a Techie question.

    You must have the patience of a saint.
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    Hi, thank you for your responses.

    Turned out to be a kernel issue with the Nokia OS.

    Coming from a PIX / Netscreen background, the NOKIA/CheckPoint combo was
    a little different.

    I am very impressed with the Checkpoint "application" layer support.

    Best regards!!

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