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Thread: Good firewall for WinXP Pro?

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    Good firewall for WinXP Pro?

    I have downloaded like some where around 20 firewalls and they do not work or are uncompatible. Does anyone know a good firewall for WinXp Pro?

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    I use OUTPOST and it works fine. However, this subject has been discussed to death, so I'll suggest you use the use the AO search feature and search for "firewall"...should provide you with a plethora of choices and save some AO resources at the same time.
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    I have used several on XP.
    McAfee, ZoneAlarm, EzArmor, Kerio, Black Ice, and Outpost.

    With the exception of McAfee, they all worked and I found no incombatabilities with any of them. I just went to Outpost in the last couple of days and so I am just now evaluating it actually. Although I have had no problems with it so far (except for not being able to find the bloody logs so far).
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    Re: Good firewall for WinXP Pro?

    Originally posted here by jr05linux
    I have downloaded like some where around 20 firewalls and they do not work or are uncompatible. Does anyone know a good firewall for WinXp Pro?
    Perhaps you could tell us what sucked about the others...??
    Wow, you tried 20 firewalls and could not find one that works.

    Since you didn't mention, I'll guess you are looking for a software based firewall that will alert you of unauthorized outgoing connections as well as incoming (winxp built in fw works fine for incoming).

    Please list the 20 you did try so we know what to and not to post...


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    Hmm, good firewalls. So many choices so little space to discuss them all. For free windows firewalls I think you can narrow it down to my personal favorite 4.

    Zone alarm- Zone alarm offers a lot of nice features and easy of use. Good for an integrated solution, as it monitors your AV software to make sure itís up to date and it even blocks some basic malicious mail attachments. The free version works well enough, I am pleased with it and if youíre interested in the paid version it offers many more features like cookie control and ad blocking. Get it at: www.zonelabs.com/

    Kerio- Kerio offers ad blocking and very, very customizable controls. Kerio even goes so far as to manage what programs are allowed to launch other programs etc. I would definitely recommend Kerio to those users who want very customized firewall rules and tight control of operations on their box. Get it at: www.kerio.com/

    Sygate- Sygate is a lot like zone alarm, you get your basic logging, inbound protection, and of course outgoing application control. Sygate also offers (like most firewalls) a professional version with more features. Get it at: www.sygate.com/

    Outpost- Yet another great free firewall. This particular firewall comes very highly recommended out here at AO, it has many of the features of previously mentioned firewalls and there are dozens of threads on it so I will leave it at this. Get it at: http://www.agnitum.com/

    Your other option if you choose to go the route of spending money is to purchase a router. Many routers now-a-days include SPI (stateful packet inspection) and NAT (network address translation) which can be invaluable in protecting your network. While this will solve a lot of your incoming threats itís far from perfect and does not control your outgoing application communications. For this reason you may still want to use a software firewall even if you pick up a router. (Side note: plus aside from acting as a mini hardware firewall routers do allow you to network additional PCís and share your internet connection amongst them, which is why I recommend it  )

    The below link is to a post on AO about the most mentioned hardware and software firewalls, I recommend checking it out.

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    I think if you posted the 20 you tried, it migt help us get an idea of which ones failed. Also if you could why you think they failed. It could be some other reason other than not working or being incompatible.

    The ones all mentioned above are all good. Have tried all of them personally and depending on your requirements each one can do the job.

    Also r u looking for free ones or ones that you have to pay for?

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    Well you could use RC2 of XP SP2 It has a nice firewall...
    Not like XP sp1 which is very basic
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    i'd personally go with ZoneAlrm being using it for a while, and never had a problem with it.
    And it's really easy to set up, and it's easy to get to the log files when you need them..
    (Just a few clicks of the mouse really).

    Anyhow it really boils down to what your looking for in a FireWall.


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