I am helping out a victim of ID theft. Unauthorized charges were made on a credit card for a small amount. The charges were made out to a software company, according to the CC company. The CC company has changed the CC number, online password and Uname, and has considered the problem closed.

We believe the company aquired the card number through means of a backdoor or virus. Whatever the case, we want them out of buisness.

We have a "company name" and a toll free phone number. The company name (for a "software company") when googled for has no results for a website, or even references to them. Their phone number is unlisted on switchboard. The phone number has a scripted computer generated answering machine, possibly typed by a foreigner (bad grammer in the robotic voice) and is very vague and un professional. These lead me to believe that this place is fly by night.

We would like to put these guys on the street, if they are how we think they are. We don't want the small amount of money back, we want them in jail. Ya'll prolly would too, it could of been a lot more money, and there could be more victims. The tone of the situation tells me that calling up the answering machine and demanding the money back would scare them off or have them close up shop.

So, what I am looking for is this-

Are there simple means of investigating a phone number, besides knowing someone is a phone company? Unlisted numbers?

We believe that if they can register for Visa to process their payments, then there has to be public information somewhere about their business.

Any other helpful ideas will work too. Thanks!