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Thread: Swap, RAM and Kernel 2.6.7

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    Swap, RAM and Kernel 2.6.7

    Hello ,

    I've just finished compilingthe new kernel 2.6.7 (stable release) but I noticed that X is very slow (especially when i run Mozilla). I "free -m" and the results are :
    Total USed Free
    Mem : 107 105 1
    swap : 125 0 125

    Why wasnt swap used? But When I boot to kernel 2.4 everything is OK.


    When I run "System Monitor" (GNOME) the "used swap" is 0 of 1k and "used memory" is [B]0 of 1k[/B} ???? Why 1k ? I have a 128 MB SDRAM (16mb is used by my video card) and I have 130mb swap. Please Help ! Thanks

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    First off... GNOME is almost as bloated as Windows....

    Second.... What services are running?

    THird... Does your kernel "overcommit" memory?
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    nevermind, it's "fixed" already. I recompiled the kernel and it's alright now. However, the sound is stupid. When i try to play mp3 using XMMS crap sound goes out from my speaker. The sound sounds like static, or noise or hiss. Please help !

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