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    And what good is a firewall that only does half of the work? You'd still need another one, making the Windows one kinda useless...
    Well, let's be honest here. The severity of outgoing traffic being a security hazard versus port specific (meaning trojan blocking) inbound is incredible. People have more to worry about going in than out, and creating an outbound filter is just asking to break commonly used programs that most users on Windows will have no clue on why they suddenly stopped working.

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    I heard that when the final release of SP2 is out, that it will overpopulate the AOL CDs. A Microsoft rep informed me that since it is such a huge upgrade that CD will be every where for people to pick it up for free.

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    I just hope they do not start mailing them to my house.
    I already have enough AOL drink coasters that I do not need M$ coasters as well...
    Computers do not have problems, they have users.

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    Hi all

    Managed to successfully download and install the s/p, all seems to be fine but one thing is bugging me. I use my PC to do my banking over the net. Having logged on to my bank's secure site, I've tried to download statements and found that the download blocking tool kicks in. Of course this means the download fails and also I get kicked off my session with the bank. Is there a way of customising which d/loads i/e tries to block ?

    Cheers guys


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    Just add your bank's site to the list of allowed sites:
    Internet Options --> Privacy --> Pop-Up Blocker Settings --> Fill in your bank's site, and hit Add.

    Edit: Actually, I'm not sure what you mean by a "download blocking tool"...

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    Aha ! I knew it would end up being something straightforward. I'll give it a whirl.

    BTW - was laziness on my part to describe as a "download blocking tool" - but basically I meant that when I tried to download a file, an extra line would appear below the header line (again not sure what the exact terminology is for this, I'm referring to the very top blue line that makes up the I/E window, with the minimize / close buttons on), stating somthing along the lines of

    "Internet Explorer has blocked a download. For options click here"

    But of course by that time it would already be too late as the site had kicked me out !!!

    But thanks very much for the help, is much appreciated

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