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Thread: The Little Scanner that Couldn't

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    Question The Little Scanner that Couldn't

    I think this piece of hardware's off to that great manufacturer in the sky, but I want to check and see if you guys have any ideas first before holding the funeral.

    We have an old ScanPartner 15c scanner here at the office, and it just up and stopped working mysteriously one day. First, the computer (Win2kPro) just stopped detecting it (was not disconnected, no configurations messed with, just happened -- apparantly anyway). Then, the red error light labelled "paper jam" stays on all the time, even when restarted, which is rather interesting since there's NO paper in it whatsoever.

    I can connect it to another computer, and it doesn't even detect a new piece of hardware has just been connected, so it's not picking up so much as its presence. So, I don't think it's a driver issue given that.

    Swapped out serial cables. No luck. Can't take the machine apart either, it's closed up nice and tight, blasted manufacturer!

    It's too old for a warranty or service contract to still be in place, so tech support's out of the question.

    So, any ideas, or is this the end?

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    Scanners are pretty cheap these days.


    Lay this poor pup to rest.


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    If it was me I would find out if I could take it home and try to figure out what is wrong with it, and it would make a great project to work on when you are bored. or you could use it to take out some frustration.

    Die you POS scanner DIE!!!!!!!!

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    And suddenly I have an image of the fax machine beating scene from Office Space...

    Yes, now that would be a grand ol' time...

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    Originally posted here by AngelicKnight
    And suddenly I have an image of the fax machine beating scene from Office Space...

    Yes, now that would be a grand ol' time...
    I have that clip on my office computer. I watch it everytime I get really pissed at the hardware here. BTW: If anyone wants it PM me.

    Attached is a clip for you Angelicknight. Beware as it contains foul language.
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