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Thread: A trojan within a trojan!

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    Cool A trojan within a trojan!

    It appears the author of Optix Pro had the last laugh on the so called skiddies! Or did they have the last laugh on him??


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    this was posted a few days ago
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    i hadn't read it but it aint nothing new - there have always been little extras built in to trojans....most of my experience _back in the day_ was with sub7

    every release seemed to ahve a little extra secret surrprise added in - like sub7 bonus (can't remember version number) which included HDK (hard-drive killer...developed by Hackology.com...site is now down) built into the client side - it would only run however when it detected that the user had a certain ICQ number

    Mobman (author of sub7) said it was a present for some kid who he didn't like but who used his software (sub7) - the ICQ number was his so when he ran the client...bye bye HD

    Also I know for certain one of the earlier versions of sub7 had a master password (2.0 maybe? not as late as 2.2 - tho am sure 2.2 did i never heard about it)

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    Hrmm, I read an article one time stating that Mobman put the server into ALL the client's of ALL the version's (except his). Anyways, most trojan's do have something extra in the client's of their program's because the author know's it'll be downloaded by lot's of skiddies who wanna be 1337 h4x0r5.
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