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Thread: Problem Installing Windows XP

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    Problem Installing Windows XP

    hey. good morning everyone. i am having trouble installing Windows XP on a clean hard drive. i put in the Windows XP cd, it runs, i press enter to boot to the cd. the cd runs some more and I receive an error when it says "Setting up Windows". Then the "blue" screen popped up and gave me an error message "Page_Fault_on_nonpage_area". This is a new install of windows xp so i was not expecting to receive any errors cause the hard drive is blank. has anyone ever encountered this or have any suggestions of what i should try? thanks for your help and your time.

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    page fault errors occures when the install programm (or any other prog) can't find sth. in memory . this is possible because of a memory (ram) error or the program has not enough memory or a read error from the cd (most probaly this: is there a scratch on the install cd?)
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