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    Post AirPort range

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if there is any way I ccan extend the range of my airport card in an iBook
    300MHz? If threr is and onyone would give me some info on how to do it it would be much

    thank you

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    Do you have an internal or an external wireless card?

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    add MORE POWER </tim taylor voice> sorry old re runs on and I couldnt resist.
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    the card is internal and it has an internal antenna built in to the laptop
    and no xtc46 i cant add any power(or i should say i dont know how to with out killing the card)

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    Would this work?

    Once you pop you can't stop!

    edit\ internal huh.... that may not work.

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    I don't know of anyway to do it cheap. Not saying there isn't a way, but I know people who have gotten the airport extreme card and have been happy with it. Check it out:
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    ya i dont think sodas antenna will work
    i was thinking something that i would transmit to and it would resend it basicly like an amerature radio receiver

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    If you are using a AirPort base station you could use one of these to extend the range http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/. I'm not sure it's what your looking for, but it has some other cool features like letting you play your iTunes through your home stereo.

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