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    I just come across this. Looks as there there may be a chance for all you Americans that use McAfee Av to get some fee software from them

    A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit over McAfee VirusScan versions 3 and 4. If you are a U.S. resident and you bought a retail version of McAfee VirusScan version 3 or version 4, then you are a member of the class.

    As a member of the class, you may receive a free download version of your choice of one of the three McAfee perpetual products: (1) VirusScan version 8, (2) AntiSpyware version 1.0, or (3) QuickClean version 4.01 (collectively "Software").


    For the full article.
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    This is nothing against you (it's actually because I don't like McAfee), but oh yay.
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    Actually, I do qualify for this, but considering the problems I had with their software, I think I'll pass.
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    Well I'll be darn, I finally won something. No wait, I already bought version 8 after versions 3-4, and I really experienced some trouble with it, I thought it was as buggy as a swamp in August. In fact I tossed the darn thing out the window at the kids and told them to use it as a fresbe. Still got the box though, so....nah they can keep their download.

    The online AV scanners and free versions work fine!

    But none-the-less thanks for the thread!
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    Does the "Settlement" include Macafee "Online". I admit to having paid for it in the past, and needless to say, I remain nonpluss.

    Why would I want a new anything from a company that had to be sued, for not delivering the goods.

    The bells and whistle "look", is good enough to dupe the masses. "look honey, it's looking for viruses, see the progress bar is moving, damn honey look at all those files, it is a thourough program!".

    The same goes for Windows, and countless other products. Window (pun intended) dressing.

    Damn just look at pet food, do you really think that the average starving domestic animal really gives a ****, if the "Fancy Feast", features pure albacore tuna?

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