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Thread: Searching free shellaccounts ?

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    Lightbulb Searching free shellaccounts ?

    If your searching free shells, this can be very handy.

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    thanx for d info

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    I have this Bookmarked for over a Month now,i have been Using the Grex Shell account . which i found in this very list....... which inturn i found on the google the very First one on the google search if you search for "Free Shell Accounts".......

    Moral of the Story :: Google Knows Everything..........So go for Google....

    If you want some more Information About what a Shell accounts are and their usage ::Here and Here

    --Good Luck--

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    I use SDF, it's great. It's got about everything you could want. I have yet to set up gopher space or web space, but I did get my email configured nicely and it's fun to hang out on the bulletin board and in the com chat.
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    Heh, I already have 3 shell accounts - one paid (but ridiculously cheap - 5/year), one comes as part of being at uni and the other is on a friend's server in the states.

    I've found that a lot of the "free" shell accounts on offer usually aren't free - often the people behind them want a donation after 30 days or you have to buy something or you don't get 99% of the tools unless you cough up.
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