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Thread: Yahoo messenger problem

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    Yahoo messenger problem


    How do we block a person in yahoo messenger ??
    I was searching for the feature in yahoo messenger but in vein.
    I could delete a contact by right clicking it > Delete. But I don't think it will block our online status from them, and block messages from them.

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    hi XNikon

    It is fairly easy to Block a Person on a yahoo messenger Just Select

    " Contects" Meu Option -->"Contacts" Option and then "Ignore User"...

    You will not recive any messages from the user now.......But this will not Remove your Name from the Ignored Person's buddy list....you will still be his buddy .........Yahoo dosen't Provede Any Feature Yet To remove your Name from His/Her List........But there are some third Party tools that clame to achive this i will just look for one of them and post it as soon as find it .........

    This used to Work Previously Don't know if it still works NoBuddy

    Try this NEW NO BUDDY UTIL

    --Good Luck--



    Yaho abondanded the Deny Buddy option so don't bother using it...it no longer works......i hane checked myself......

    and the above NEW NO BUDDY UTIL sometimes works and sometimes dosen't....

    i would suggest JAM it is a Yahoo Messenger application and a Yahoo chat client....You can even use it instead of The Yahoo Messenger........i have just checked it ,,it removes your name form other person Buddy llist.......I have cheacked it on Yahoo Messenger 6 beta and Final both it works on both...........It succesfully removed y ID from my Friends Buddy list.....when i ignored them a Message was sent to them that i had ignored them and then my ID was removed........

    Download it......Login Into it with the ID you want to remove from other person Buddy list.....after login ..Click "Action" ..and in the Text Box "Manually Add to list Above" put in the user ID of the person; from whose list you want it removed.....then Press the text "Manually Add to list Above"...it will add it to the list above ...then Select the ID from the above list and press "Regect".....and you are done............

    and it's quite annowing that even after you Ignore Someone your ID is not automatecally removed from his/her buddy list..and he will always know when you are online........ Ahhh i miss the yahoo Deny Buddy...... and keeping my fingers crossed in hope that Yahoo it self will come up with a way.......

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    Thanx. The tool worked.
    JAM, I hadd downloaded it earlier, 'n was in my download folder.. Juz. took it out and installed
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