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Thread: Opera & those annoying "Save As"

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    I apologize for the attitude, bad day.
    Man I wish I could give you the screenshot. It poped up when I requested this tread?!

    If you guys are using this browser and its default settings and not getting this then im confused.
    The files it ask me to save range from CGI to 2 file( whatever that means), and sometimes just a string of numbers. Remember its not when I am volentarly dl a file like a zip or exe from a mirror site or something. Now it seems that it cannot find a LOG file in order for me to uninstall. BTW I should have said this earlier. I have uninstalled it when this first happened.
    It removed the exe but left my settings and other files un touched on C drive.

    I accept cookies and chache docs and jpeg.

    Its not evry site that ask me for it either. Just every other one and sometimes none. Some websites ask me to save as and then when I visist it again it doesnt prompt me. Some are constant.

    I increased my chache to 5 MB. Its Auto in settings.

    I understand that it could be telling me that spyware is asking to be dl to your HDD.
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    do a scan for spyware, its possibly a program running in the background and the pop up is just activated when you vist a webpage, also make sure your viris definitions are updated and all that other cliche advice. and if you are saying that you saved your settings and just reinstalled the program then try starting from scratch, it may be a problem with YOUR settings and you using the same setting reguardless of a clean install doesnt really help.
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    No problems, bad days happen, hehe.

    To take a screenshot in windows, do this:

    1: Get the window you want to take a screenshot in focused.

    2: Hit the printscreen button (next to scroll lock). It won't appear to do anything, but that's ok.

    3: Open up MSPaint and hit control-v. That will past the whole working desktop pic into it. Save it, and post away!

    As for your issue, does it occur when you use IE? I've had very very little in the line of spyware when I've extensively used Opera, one reason as to why I use it. Even when it was ad-supported, it didn't cause problems. Could be a case of browser-hijacking, but who really knows?

    Go to www.lavasoftusa.com and get the Ad-Aware free version, install it, update it, then run it on your whole hard drive (not just smart system scan). I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised with the results hehe. Most I've seen is 670 spyware items found on an HD that had 290k files.
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