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Thread: Hotmail with 100Mg of Storage?

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    Hotmail with 100Mg of Storage?

    Exclusive In response to rival e-mail services enticing customers with high capacity storage, Microsoft's MSN unit will soon announce its intentions to follow suit, BetaNews has learned.

    Redmond executives have been mulling over how to respond to the storage frenzy, and are set to unveil a plan that will go into effect in July.

    Although still in beta testing, the launch of Google's free Gmail service heated up the competition by offering customers a whopping 1GB of e-mail storage. Yahoo! fired back this week by boosting customer inboxes to 100MB and unveiling an updated user interface, which Microsoft called "quite good."

    "We have been intentionally quiet over this period, as we formulated our plans, and waited to see the Yahoo response, feeling it would be best to see how strong Yahoo's counter would be before going public with our own," Blake Irving, corporate vice president of MSN's Communication Services group, told employees.

    Microsoft hopes that by giving customers enough space, it can move the media focus away from storage as a key selling point and reduce the emerging threat posed by media darling Google.

    "We are going to respond in a big way and will eliminate email storage as an issue for our users," said Irving.

    E-mail is not the only area in which MSN is feeling pressure from competitors. Microsoft has been developing and refining its own algorithmic search engine, and plans to launch MSN Newsbot -- a service similar to Google News -- by the end of the year.
    Source : http://www.betanews.com/article/1087553239
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    haha soon its gonna be a lot of this going on...its like predicting the future
    ...the battke of email services!!!

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    Yes most of the Free Email Providers Have Switched to a giving larger Mailbox .......Seeing Competation from GMail which has not even started giving account to Public yet.....For example Yahoo started Giving 100 MB storage and Rediffmail has started giving 1 gb storage these are the few i have account and noticed the increase i am sure Hotmail will also soon will follow suit......Now e-mails can also be used to store music and Movies.......and no failed e-mails due to mailbox being full....A good change atleast for uses....and we have to give to Google for starting the revolution......now i love google even more and am waiting to get my hands on a g-mail account........when is it going to open for the public?.......

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    Until they offer at least one terrabyte of spam storage, I will not be sucXsored?


    I got this castrated little CD from my ISP the other day.............it is about a half the size of a proper one............MSN or something?..........................

    I do find the 1 meg connection offer (not the same thing) interesting though?............I am on 512 at the moment


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    I've heard that current Gmail users can send invitations to their friends and that those invitations are automarically deleted by yahoo and hotmail accounts. MSN and Yahoo are really feeling the heat if they do that behind the users back.
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    ith all of my e-mail turn over, I take up under 40% of my hotmail box People should realy start considering what's important, and the size doesn't alway matter, it's how you use it
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    Finally enough space so that my mailbox is not full of spam if I leave it for one day....
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    Yes, sadly Hotmail and Yahoo are infact bouncing legitimate mail and invites from gmail. It drives me nuts personally, I try to send invites to my friends only to find them automatically marked as spam or just not delievered at all. Hopefully these mail providers will change their minds about their filtering processes so I dont keep wasting my gmail invites!
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    Hotmail to offer 250MB of free storage

    Now this is old news, the latest is:
    Microsoft said Wednesday that it will boost storage limits in its Hotmail Web e-mail service, a move intended to counter similar steps taken by rivals Google and Yahoo.

    The upgrade will increase Hotmail's free e-mail storage limits from 2 megabytes to 250MB and its paid e-mail service, which costs $19.95 a year, from 10MB to 2 gigabytes. The changes will begin in early July.

    "With these new offers, storage will not be an issue for MSN Hotmail customers," Blake Irving, corporate vice president of communication services for MSN, said in a statement.
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    i just tried sending myself an email from another account to my yahoo acount, with the subject gmail, and inside i wrote :come check out the gmail from google' just to see if it was deleted or anything else. Now i cant login to my yahoo account anymore. It says invalid password. Few hours ago, i could login normally. WTF, has anyone else had anything similar?
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