This link was sent to me today.. and it has provided food for thought. Especially as I was tought to look to "Being a Problem Solver, and not play the Blame Game"

i am posting this as food for thought .. I do not agree with the full article

Well, I have a word for these contemptuous techies: Save your energy for solving the problem instead of blaming its victims. Mainstream users shouldn't have to be IT experts to operate their computers.
My thought is the artical writter is asking for a no Brainer solution for users.. Ok that is fine..
BUT when you own a car.. does it automaticly Fuel and Oil itself?
and will it Stop at red lights and avoid errent traffic on the road? and tell you that the left you just made should have been right.....NO.. (ok some smart a$$ will be able to say yes on the last one)

The driver has some responsabilities.. so it is with computer users.

But you will find that given to Joe or Jane Average.. this artical will strike a positive cord.. and when dealing with these people do we try to assert our Nerdish authority.. or are we looking for a simpler solution for that person..

Just a few thoughts..

"Oh Gee a message for me, with photo's of our meeting... dunno who it is .. I'll open the attachment.. could be some good pron...drool drool"