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Thread: Modem Issues Need help ASAP

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    Modem Issues Need help ASAP

    Hello fellow members of Antionline.com I am needing of some advice. I

    am currently fixing a friends PC. Which is a Dell Inspiron |1100

    Labtop. The operating system is Windows XP home edition. What the issue

    is Modem trouble. When I go start, control panel, printers and other

    hardware, then phone and Modem options, then hit the modem tab Under

    'The following modems are installed its says :PCTEL 2304WT V.9X MDC

    attached to: Not functional I am unable to access

    properties. The only buttons that are functionable are Add and

    When I try to connect to the internet using this internal

    dial up modem I get this message

    Dial-up networking error: A connection to the remote computer

    could not be established because the modem was not found or was

    busy.Error code 797.
    797 means Modems cannot be detected. Now when I go to the control panel

    and try using Adding new hardware when I try to start If I use

    remove then add to un-istall the drivers and re-install

    the drivers would this resolve the issue? When I go to the Device

    Manager and click on modems it has an yellow explaination point. I try

    to un-istall and re-install modem drivers I got error code 10 using add

    new hardware wizard. If I can have access to the modems properties I

    can use AT&F Which will reset the modem back to the orginal factory

    settings then rebooting the PC. But Unable to do this. What would be

    the best way to resolve this issue? I searched google to resolve this

    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=329184 Aswell as cold

    rebooting the PC. My friend doesnt have the Modem software, I checked

    the site for latest drivers, firmware etc.. cant do this because I am

    unable to query modem to read the ATI commands ATI1-7. Anyone have any

    advice that would resolve this issue? All help is greatly appreciated? Computernerd22

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    Their only way to fix the problem!! Try a Bootable Linux CD to check if the modem work there. You can try Windows 98/2000 also to see if you have the problem in those OS also, if have OS have the problem, well, you're out of luck in my view.

    BTW, Inspiron 1100 is not a VERY old computer???
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    This is a client's PC (customer) who is a doctor in oral surgery. I'm trying to resolve this issue ASAP. Heres how: Doc let another doctor check out his labtop that was very good with computers aswell. He was unable to fix it. So now it's my turn to resolve the issue. Heres the latest update with this situation: And everything I did to attempt to fix the issue.

    Sunday, June 20, 2004 6:00pm-10:50pm

    Here is a list of things I did to this labtop.

    Cold reboot the computer.

    Uni-installed & Re-installed the modem drivers.

    I tried Un-installing & Re-installing the modem drivers through add new hardware wizard.

    I tried Un-installing & Re-installing the modem drivers from phone and modem options.

    I tried un-installing & Re-intalling the modem drivers from the device manager.

    I tried Un-installing & Re-installing the modem drivers using the Dell CD extracted the drivers to c:\dell\r54342 installed the drivers closed the application hardware pops up says it detected it but it might not work properly.

    I went online to download the latest drivers for this modem. dell.com pctel.com downloaded the drivers that were the same exact one I had on the Dell CD.

    Turned everything off. Turn the labtop over and unplugged the AC power plug, took of the battery, next I removed the actual modem circuit board. which is a very small circuit board. About 1 inch in length held in by two screws. Took it off left it off for about 1 minute.

    Reinstalled the modem, the battery. Plugged everything back up. Turned it on still didnt work.

    I tried all this stuff in "Safe Mode,". No luck.

    I opened MSCONFIG clicked on the system.ini tab. I highlight drivers hit new to create a new field under the drivers section. I created comm=drv.comm=drv Next clicked on the general tab and choose selective startup. Rebooted PC. didnt work.

    Clicked on Start, run, I typed winmsd to open system information hit software enviroment, system drivers nothing their for no modem no drivers installed.

    I spent 2 hours going through system information, I/O, IRQS, Software enviroment,Hardware resouces found out windows cant even detect it. By this time I said **** I will just use the system restore feature spent 30 minutes doing this backed up to a date before this happened April 13, 2004 rebooted checked the device manager still got that dam yellow explantion point by the modem.

    Used help and support built in Windows XP no luck.

    I repaired Windows XP operating system took about an hour. Even using the repair feature reinstalled the modem drivers rebooted pc. Still this didnt resolve the issue.

    Check the BIOS to see if even the BIOS detected it, it did.

    Went back online to download the latest updates for BIOS. There werent none this PC is new. Like 3 months.

    Installed this useful program called modem helper this program didnt even detect my modem.

    Finally I called technical support explained to them everything I have done to try to resolve this issue on my own beofre calling them. They said if you have modem helper and modem helper cant detect your modem, you need a new modem and new software. Which is very kool because the labtop is still under warranty until end of this year.Which should either be here by today or Tuesday. So once I reinstall the modem and drivers get it up and running in the end what would you guys charge for doing this? All help is greatly appreciated. Computernerd22

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    Damm, I wouldn't charge a lot. You waste a alot of time for nothing knowing the modem was on warranty. I would charge only the time waste on Dell line and the time changing modem and re-installing driver. Maybe 1 hours for testing also but that if you want.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    I would say, "Well sir, I have spoken to one of my "contacts" in Dell and he has agreed to discretly send me a modem, It should only take 10 mins at the most to install. Then I would appologize for wasting all that time trying to fix a broken modem that was under warranty. Then install it free of charge to keep him happy, so he hopefully mentions you to his friends"

    Then I would bow my head (in shame) and make a hastey exit!
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