Hello fellow members of Antionline.com I am needing of some advice. I

am currently fixing a friends PC. Which is a Dell Inspiron |1100

Labtop. The operating system is Windows XP home edition. What the issue

is Modem trouble. When I go start, control panel, printers and other

hardware, then phone and Modem options, then hit the modem tab Under

'The following modems are installed its says :PCTEL 2304WT V.9X MDC

attached to: Not functional I am unable to access

properties. The only buttons that are functionable are Add and

When I try to connect to the internet using this internal

dial up modem I get this message

Dial-up networking error: A connection to the remote computer

could not be established because the modem was not found or was

busy.Error code 797.
797 means Modems cannot be detected. Now when I go to the control panel

and try using Adding new hardware when I try to start If I use

remove then add to un-istall the drivers and re-install

the drivers would this resolve the issue? When I go to the Device

Manager and click on modems it has an yellow explaination point. I try

to un-istall and re-install modem drivers I got error code 10 using add

new hardware wizard. If I can have access to the modems properties I

can use AT&F Which will reset the modem back to the orginal factory

settings then rebooting the PC. But Unable to do this. What would be

the best way to resolve this issue? I searched google to resolve this

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=329184 Aswell as cold

rebooting the PC. My friend doesnt have the Modem software, I checked

the site for latest drivers, firmware etc.. cant do this because I am

unable to query modem to read the ATI commands ATI1-7. Anyone have any

advice that would resolve this issue? All help is greatly appreciated? Computernerd22