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Thread: Peanut linux firewall (That works)

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    Peanut linux firewall (That works)

    I have just installed Peanut Linux and i have not been able to find a firewall for it. Does any one know of one... thx

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    I assume that the install included iptables ... Packet filtering.

    I would go get gShield from http://muse.linuxmafia.org/gshield/ and untar the small file in /etc/firewall - if /etc/firewall isn't there (mkdir /etc/firewall as root will fix that) and edit gShield.conf to your liking. This small script is well documented and easy to follow and when you start gShield /etc/firewall/gShield.rc (make sure its executable) and it will set up iptables to firewall your box.

    Nice and easy ... no complex GUI's to confuse the issue.

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