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Thread: linux?

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    what is linux and what is the penquin for. does it guard my computer or a nep[et type thing. does it just poop everywhere.

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    try this:
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    Oh GOD !

    Tux is the Linux mascot, chosen by Linus Torvalds, who said, "I was looking for something fun and sympathetic to associate with Linux. A slightly fat penguin that sits down after having had a great meal fits the bill perfectly.... Don't take the penguin too seriously. It's supposed to be kind of goofy and fun, that's the whole point. Linux is supposed to be goofy and fun (it's also the best operating system out there, but it's goofy and fun at the same time!)."


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    Whats google?

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    Google is a search engine. Type whatever you want into it and it will give you websites that can lead to an answer.

    You can learn everything on google.

    I know this is a joke...
    Oh god I hope its a joke...

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    Haven't your parent warned you all about the effects of feeding trolls ........... messier than a colony of penguins and leave their little steaming piles all over the internet.

    This should explain it all ........

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    Google is the nearest thing to a real god that I have personnally ever found....(Thats just me, you might have found different).

    Google will find you anything you want....just enter words into it hit search and itll give you lists of websites with information related to your search.

    Linux is a free operating system, it includes the source code so that you can make alterations should you with to the code.

    As already said the penguin is called tux he is the mascot, much like the Flying window for windows and the apple for macs.

    Just out of interest if you didnt use a search engine how did you find this site?


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    Just out of interest if you didnt use a search engine how did you find this site?
    Umm i believe people have friends, Also some books refer to this website as a good source for hackers !

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    Arrhhh yea thats true Nemory, I just thought if he was to lazy to us google then maybe picking up a book was less likely...


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