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Thread: curiosity regarding posts

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    curiosity regarding posts

    how one can become a senior member from newbie

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    oh sweet jesus...... have you read the FAQ's by any chance - like you are asked to do when you sign up?


    its an automatic progression based on the number of posts you make - but don't make that an excuse to post lots of worthless junk.

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    Think HOW TO MAKE useful topics and replies, that's it.

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    I really really think you need to read the FAQ.. I really really do!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Re: curiosity regarding posts

    Originally posted here by rohit_fhh
    how one can become a senior member from newbie
    Don't mind those jackasses, jackasses are bad people... Hehe... what the hell am I saying, I am one of them. =)

    Here ya go, right from the FAQ as suggested by others:

    The titles under each user's name give you a quick look at how much a user has contributed to AntiOnline. The more posts you make, the "better" your title becomes. Currently, the system is broken down as follows:

    AntiOnline Newbie - at least 0 posts

    AntiOnline Jr. Member - at least 75 posts

    AntiOnline Member - at least 175 posts

    AntiOnline Addict - at least 275 posts
    At this level, a user can use the AO Addicts Forum

    AntiOnline Senior Member - at least 400 posts

    Site administrators and moderators have custom titles under their names instead of one of the above designations.

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    how one can become a senior member from newbie
    Wash all of our dirty dishes and do all of our laundry and we may consider it j/k.
    Like Zonewalker, SDK, and madjag291 suggested, I'd read the FAQ's.

    btw rohit_fhh, welcome to AO.
    Maximum Sarcasm for a Connected World. (LOL, j/k again).

    Something had to bring you here Rohit and hopefully it wasn't just the notion of becoming a senior member. I hope we can help you in the long run. There's a wealth of information here for you delve into and some damn good intelligent people too. good luck
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