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Thread: Do I have to "rent" a domain name?

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    Do I have to "rent" a domain name?

    I have recently gone to a couple of websites which sell website names (ex: www.domainnames.com ) and I was surprised to find out that the website domain names are really just "rented", bec ause you have to pay annual charges. I was wondering if it was possible to buy a domain name forever or, maybe even get one for free. Note: I do not want my own web page on some other site sucha s geocities or tripod.

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    Simple answer... Yes, you have to rent.

    The reason is that it's not the domain name that costs the money, but the continual association with your IP throught whatever registrar you happen to use.
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    You can get a free one that ends in .tk .
    And also things like yourname.sytes.net etc. are free. Domain names that end in .com have to be paid for.
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    or you could use a sub-domain nameing service like shorturl.com. the hang-up is you get a longer url than most like 'mysite.alturl.com' but they do have a varite of names that you need to include and it's free. you also have to include a link to their site on your home page.

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