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Thread: Bootable Honeypot

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    Post Bootable Honeypot

    The Brazilian honeypot alliance has created a cd bootable honeypot. It is an OpenBSD honeypot and allows one to save the honeypot log files to a hard disk. I haven't tried it yet, but I am downloading it as I type this. Here are a few specs:

    CD v1.0 uses:
    - Honeyd v.0.8b
    - OpenBSD v.3.5
    - Arpd v.0.2

    5. Requirements

    - Pentium 150MHz or superior
    - Hard disk IDE or SCSI (minimal size 512MB)
    - Minimal 64MB RAM
    - 1 CDROM Drive
    - 1 NIC
    Go here:


    And Readme here:



    Sorry, I almost forgot: the iso is 72.8 megs so it will fit on a usb keyring
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    I'm wishing more and more these days that I had broadband... Anyways thanks for the link... Maybe someone should put it up on the net for 24 hours then post the logs on AO. Seems like it would be pretty interesting


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    Hey thanks for that, im going to build a network this summer to experiment with once I get my networking stuff back from various friends,

    I love the whole idea behind bootable systems, there quick and allow you to experiment all the time



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