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Thread: Suse 9.1 Personal Download

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    I just now read this on Slashdot. It seems that Suse is offering 9.1 personal as an .iso available for download. Its only one .iso though so it must be very thin. I think its great that they are offering up the .iso for free now. Good stuff. Read on....

    Read On.
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    Now this isn't their FTP install crap is it? I couldn't find any real info about the image.
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    If you are indeed interested you can find suse 9.1 professional .iso images on emule, or
    www.linuxiso.org ( the personal iso at 700mb )
    As far as being thin, I would say doubtful. Suse has always offered live evals which is a full version on one cd. In fact as far as being on one cd, the pro installation only uses the first cd for the basic install the extra stuff is on the other cd's.
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    From http://www.distrowatch.org ...........

    "Departing from its past practice of not providing ISO images for free download, SUSE has released a complete, bootable, and installable ISO image of SUSE LINUX 9.1 Personal. You can find it on SUSE's main FTP server or one of its mirrors, although there is no news about the release on SUSE's own web site. This is a great way to try out SUSE LINUX 9.1 and see its capabilities, before upgrading to the Professional edition via FTP or purchasing the full boxed versions (which includes commercial software)."

    There is a link on the site to download the iso ... so if SUSE is your thing, go for it.

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