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Thread: XP SP2 RC2 Breaks Port Scanners?

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    XP SP2 RC2 Breaks Port Scanners?

    Is it just me or am I the only one that just installed the brand new SP2 Release Candidate 2 for XP a couple days ago only to find out that my scanners aren't exactly "working"? NMap 3.50 won't work for me nor will SuperScan 4. I have the WinPCap 3.0 drivers installed and have never had a problem like this with SP1. There's a known-incompatibility with Nmap 3.50 and WinPCap 3.1 but I'm not running 3.1 so I don't see the problem. What's happening is that I'm initiating an NMap scan and it's acting like it's scanning but actually isn't at all... I'm monitoring the packets and I see absolutely nothing being sent. No Syn Packets from a Syn Scan no Fragmented packets nothing at all from my end and nothing is returned. I'm thinking that SP2 RC2 had to of done something to the IP Stack or Winsock or something because this is just too strange. When testing this I was behind my router firewalled with SPI + NAT enabled. I also tested SuperScan 4 and the same result. I tried a Dial-Up connection as well and still nothing being sent. What the hell could be wrong here? I'm thinking of going back to SP1.

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    I'm not sure, but I would assume that sp2 rc2 has updated your 3.0 drivers to 3.1 or above when it installed. I know it has upgraded some drivers on my box.
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    I haven't tried to install SP2 RC2 yet...

    But, is it the "new and improved" firewall?
    Do your logs say anything?

    Have you tried to reinstall the 3.0 drivers?
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