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Thread: CWShredder 1.59.0000 Now Avaliable Update

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    Thumbs up CWShredder 1.59.0000 Now Avaliable Update


    Was checking For Updates and Found a new Update was avaliable......Thought Should wake up a few People to get the new one...Everyday a new CoolVersonTrojan is coming up CWShredder has been very late in updating itself.. finally one is avaliable............

    Inspite of a Updated AD-Aware and regulat Scans Form Ad-Aware and CWShredder...the new one managed to find a few infections in my Computer.....So go on ....Update...........

    A new version is available:

    CWShredder 1.59.0000

    New Features/Updates

    * Added new variant CWS.Docobj (uses filename docobj.exe, hijacks to fast-search.us, also drops winstyle.css and winboot.hta).

    * Added new variant CWS.Hputi (hijacks to solongas.com and hp.uti, uses filename sysstartup.exe).

    * Added new variant CWS.Jsconsole (hijacks to myexexex.com, uses filename jsconsole.dll and c:\spad\start.html, creates fake 'Javascript Console' buttons in IE buttons bar).

    * Fixed CWS.Msconfig bug where legitimate Msconfig autorun entry was deleted. This would've happened earlier had someone actually told me about it.

    * Fixed a F/P: several entries from the Spybot S&D hosts file were deleted.

    Go On Press Your "Check For Update" Button......

    If you prefer a manual update, you can get the same file here:

    --Good Luck--

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    The CWShredder (latest version) might question (a popup warning box) the existance of smcfg.exe
    This is a legal exe by the way. It is associated with my SlimBrowser in my box, but may also be associated with other programs.
    You don't want to remove it.

    Reference: http://forums.spywareinfo.com/index.php?showtopic=4311
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    Hi moxnix

    How are you Today ......

    This is a very old Problem with the CWShredder......... I read the Links you gave......And those threads are old...those guys are using very old CWShredder one of those guys even recommending upgrading to V1.56.2

    CWShredder version than yours. It is now at least up to V1.56.2
    Thats not the latest version of CWShredder Nirvana. The version on that site is 1.48.1, the latest version that detects all variants is 1.49.0.
    and as far i know it was sorted out....If the New Verson is still having the same problem ....Then i think merijin should put some more effort and energy into debugging his tools.......I think he can't now give the excuse that he has to concetrate on his gradutation. because he should have graduated by now ...every time he gave this excuse for now giving much time to get CWShredder upgraded

    Very wise of you to ask this here

    smcfg.exe is a legit file (modem driver) and has been flagged before when running the shredder.

    It is however a legit file

    The reason the shredder could detect this is because of a certain CWS variant using random .exe's. That's why sometimes a legit odd looking file (according to shredder) could pop up, while running the shredder.

    We'll make sure to add it to the safe list
    He should live up to his words

    --Good Luck--

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