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Thread: Your First Comp?

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    Your First Comp?

    Alright ladies and gentlemen!!!

    What was your first home computer system?

    My First system:

    Commodor 64 - It was a beautiful system I don't remember much of it (i don't want to unpack it from the safe storage spot) but I do remember that the ram add on was huge blocks that were about 1ft long and about 3.5 inchs wide. They were huge. I remember it ran a pure Dos environment. I programmed my first game on that machine. It was a game called copycat and it consisted of about 150 lines of code.

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    My first Box (If you could call it that) was an Amstrad..
    I've also owned a Commodore 64, and i also made a few simple programs that consisted of line after line of code. But in the end it prooved more fun debugging the code then it was actually using the program or playing the game..


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    Ah the good old days, me and my TI-99/4A. Typing away for hours at a time just to see something move around on the screen. And then to save it to a cassette tape.

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    My first computer was a stone tablet with a hammer and a chisel. hated it when the tablet would crack down the middle

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    My first computer was a compaq 800 Mhz 128 MB Ram, 20 Gig HDD.

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    Guess I am the only apple person here... First computer was an Apple 2 GS. 64 k ram and a 5 1/4 floppy drive. (Added a 20 MB hard drive and a 3 1/2 inch drive later along with 512 k of ram)
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    Pentium 486 ....8 MB RAM and 1 Gb Hard Drive(or less i don't remember exactly) .... Assembled It My Self........and Guess what I Installed Windows NT on it .....i still laugh at myself for doing it.......(and i know what the minium requirement for Windows NT is..Still managed to do it don't ask how)

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    Yep, another Commodore 64 user here...

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