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    Tablet PCs

    Sadly, these are new on me; I know nothing about them. However boss is wanting to look into good tablet PCs that double as notebooks. So, I'm not really sure what I need to start looking for. Would you guys mind pointing in me in a direction to start with? A good example of a tablet pc doubling as a laptop would be a great starting point. I'm just completely ignorant of this stuff.

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    The tablet PC is like a Notebook but you can turn the Screen 180 Degrees around which you can't do with a Notebook. Every big Company does produce a Tablet PC e.g. Acer, Compaq, Toshiba. The first thing which comes to my which I think is the most important is the duration of the Table PC running on battery. This is one of the important point because do you want to reload the Tablet PC every three hours when you have meetings which last the whole day? Imagine a Tablet PC connected with the cable to the power supply how that would look if the Battery Power is running low after a few hours. For what kind of Job does the Boss need the Tablet PC?

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    Good place to start. Most of them will have reviews...
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    Thanks Jarrod, just what I was needing. I keep forgetting about good ol' ZDNet.

    Boss wants it primarily for traveling financial advisors, so they have a pc to work with away from the office.

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