Ok, so my wife got herself a powerbook last Friday.

She got it for work, and where she works runs Win2k and an Active Directory. At least, that's what I gather from looking at the client of her old Wintel laptop.

Anyway, she' naturally very, very concerned that it's not going to log in to her network at work, thereby subjecting her to ridicule and finger pointing by the guys she works with. So, in an effort to make her feel better, I took down one of my SuSE boxes this weekend, loaded Win2k on it, and installed AD. <-- I can't even begin to describe how dirty I felt doing that.

As soon as I created a user for her, she was able to see the server and the shares that I gave her permissions to by simply clicking network -> servers -> server name then entering her user name and password and selecting a mount point . At least....it was something like that, I'm not a mac guy so I don't remember exactly.

So with fears lain somewhat aside, she goes to work this morning sure that she'll be able to see her business network. Guess what? Panic stricken calls by 9:00 a.m. that when she clicks on servers, all she sees is her local hard drive.

I don't know what to tell her, I'm a WAN engineer for crying out loud.

So, though this is only dubiously security related, I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on what she needs to do to actually log into her network. I mean....windows is actually keeping someone out for once.

Oh, and her boss is getting great pleasure out of her not being able to log on, because he said she wouldn't be able to. If she comes home from work tonight unable to log on all day, I'm going to get it.