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    What is a firewall and what does it do?

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    Protects you from dangerous hackers ! I'm not getting tired of answering these easy questions ! ANy more threads ?

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    As with your post about linux, use google : -

    also check out for how firewalls work.

    A firewall is basically a pierce of software (can be hardware) that regulates connections to and from your computer.

    Take for instance your house, if you were to take someone hostage you could then make a wall of fire around your house that burns all the time, this prevents the hostage escaping and also prevents the SWAT(special weapons and tactices) teams getting into your house saving the hostage.

    A fire wall in the computer sense basically allows and rejects connections that are used for communications. If a hacker wanted to attack your computer he would need an open port to connect to your computer on so that he could do communications between him and your computer. A firewall can block this.

    I recommend trying a free firewall such as zonealarms and sygate.

    There you go, search for "zonealarms" and "sygate" on google, thatll be fun wont it!?


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    i2c, if you didnt notice, he probably knows this stuff and is just spamming AO !

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    In the off chance somebody comes here looking for a little info:
    Well a firewall is a software or hardware device for managing connections into and out of a network or PC. This device fallows a set of rules either predefined in the device or that are setup by the user (or some combination of both). These rules say basic things like ignore un-requested packets on port 80. A collection of these rules makes up a basic layer of security. There are many useful free firewalls for windows and *nix users. Searching AO should provide tons of valuable resources.
    Here are some threads you may want to take a look at:

    Iptables Tut

    Firewall Overview

    Windows XP Firewall info

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    It seems to me that the post is ironious. It would be a hard chance that someone would be using Linux as their main operating system and not know what a Firewall is and can do.

    Sure I could see a question like, "what is the best" or "how do i configure." But a question like what is? It seems that GOOGLE needs a visit. I mean my dad who is very techy iliterate knows the concept of a firewall.

    However, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Here is a article from HowStuffWorks.COM that teaches the basics of firewalls.

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    He was doing it to be annoying and to spam/flood the forum's. He's banned now, so don't worry.
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