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    Granted that this site is about security, I still believe that all the forums should have their threads placed on the front page. Sometimes you have a legitimate question that is not security related but will not get an answer simply on the basis of not being on the front page. Yet the General Chit Chat forum gets to be on the front page and we all have seen the B.S. that gets posted there. It would also change/move the front page around so that threads wont sit there as long
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    A while ago, many people asked for the non-security discussions to be removed from the front page. JUPM agreed, and made it so only security-related discussions appear on the front page.

    GCC does not show up on the front page, btw.

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    I have a suggestion, but I don't think it belongs in a new thread.

    In the post options, where it has the signature appearance and bb code options and such, can we also have a "Appear on front page" option? I mean, sometimes I'll have a stupid question or not very interesting topic that I would like to post, but don't want to waste everyone's time on the front page with.

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    Soda -- given the way threads are selected for front page display, I feel the work involved to make that happen would outweigh the benefits.

    Besides that, if a thread is active enough to keep it on the front page, it's obviously interesting to the community, so it makes sense that it would be listed on the front page. If it's not active, it'll be pushed off the front page quickly enough.

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