Ok not been real active for a year or better. One area I'd really like to see is how all this fun stuff relates to actual business operations. Believe me much of the info here has helped me in the real world to some a great degree other's not really. I just do not see much of it put into context of daily business operations. After all you cannot re-boot a W2K PDC server at 10:00 A.M on a Monday morning. I just feel that there will be and are far better geeks out there than I but in many ways I trump them because I understand the daily business operations of whom I work for and well after a day delay in a database crash in the old payrole check and me fixing it. One cannot forget this sort of I like to eat role of what we do. I'd really like a thread for us daily operations people as to how we work around the challanges of keeping everything running amist tight budgets, out sourcing and people that hold purse strings num skull ways at times. After all take the geek aways it's just a paycheck a job the new blue collar worker is in Information Systems I think.