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Thread: Too much formatting a bad thing

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    Too much formatting a bad thing

    Ummmm I killed it -> http://www.antionline.com/showthread...099#post761328

    seems it doesn't like it i you apply too much formatting to text


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    Yeah, I just formatted "test" with six different things... And a whole bunch of white space appeared below it... Weird

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    Oddities keep being uncovered in how the formatting options are translated into HTML. I keep thinking I've fixed all of them, but that is apparently not the case. If you encounter any such problems, PM me w/the options you applied, in what order they were applied, and a description of what kind of funky output was produced, and I'll take a look. Theoretically you should be able to stack as many formatting options on as you like, but in practice sometimes this causes issues.

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