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    I think my internet is outdated. Where do I go to download the latest rev?
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    Take Cuba, shall we? Only the rich or certain people who work in the government have internet access and a monthly cost is around the same wage as a regular man's salary. Think the people get updated news that's current? Not even, it's called disinformation. Sure, the flag could be just put in and random letters, and as far as "updating", there are lots of ways to "update". What if he's on a cached server that doesn't have but a monthly update? Sure, unlikely, but hey, it COULD be correct. You guys are crucifying him for a lot less than others on AO get away with in their posts.

    But then again, maybe that's the norm around here. :roll: Intelligence at its finest, and we haven't even talked about the SUBJECT AT HAND, and that's being Google's problematic email system.

    Thank God I'm a unix admin...this way I can avoid dumbasses who want to criticize a motive rather than simply overlook a simple mistake. Oh wait, I'm surrounded daily by them. *smirk*
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    Hi all,
    I admit the news is quite old but i thought it would be of interest for people ( iread that news last night) and no need for flaming each other. I think most of the people in this forum still does not know about that fact.

    Anyway Thanks
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