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Thread: Crabby Ranger.

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    Crabby Ranger.

    A Young man fishing at a creek began packing up to leave. He pulled out his two nets and found a mud crab in one. He put the crab in a bucket of water and put it in the boot of his car. Just as he was closing the boot the park ranger jumped out and collarred him.
    "I caught you!" He said, "I saw you take that mud crab. It's not the right season so i'll have to fine you."
    The Guy looked at the ranger and said:
    "No way mate, that's my pet mud crab. I bring him here every day for a swim."
    The ranger was unconvinced.
    "Look, " The fisherman said, "I'll put him in the water, he'll take a swim and come back. His name's Martyn."
    So he takes the crab out of the bucket, put's it in the water and the two men watch.
    Sure enough, the little crab swam around in a circle for a bit, then happily took off Downstream.
    "Well, where's your pet crab gone?"
    said the ranger.
    The fisherman asked: "What crab?"

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    Thanks much, that's good clean fun! Hope you don't mind if I throw one in for your crabby ranger series....lol

    The Ranger & Dupont Spinners

    A young man was out in his rowboat tossing dynamite into the lake. After it exploded, fish would come floating to the surface and he would row over and scoop them up. Well the local ranger heard the blasts and hopped into his boat to investigate. Upon pulling alongside the young man’s boat, the ranger asked, “What on earth are you doing?” To which the young man replied, “Just fishing Sir”. The ranger smartly snapped back, “What you are doing is illegal! I’m gonna have to take you in!” As the ranger was talking the young man lit another stick of dynamite, handed it to the ranger and asked, “are you going to talk or fish?”

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