Alright I have been put in charge of around 70 computer on an internal LAN (isn't hooked to internet). My first plan of action is getting all the computer to run the same software and OS. I have upgraded all the OS's to Windows 2000 professional. Now, I have about 10 programs that I would like to upload on all of these computers but I don't want to have to upload them manually. What would you guys offer as advice?

Right now I am thinking of trying to write a quick batch file that kinda loads all of them but I think that it will take to long. Is there a way I can do it from the server?

I am updating the server to Windows 2003 Server using active directory with a domain.

What do you guys think.

**I didn't know which forum to put this in so I decided it was probably a simple enough question to go into the newbie section**

- MilitantEidolon