Ive got two remaining locations to get working correctly on my vpn. The tunnels are working fine. I can ping the computers using their internal address or pcanywhere into them threw the network. The computers cannot however logon to the domain (although they appear that they do because of cached info), they cannot run loggin scripts or map network drives. On trying to manually map to a network drive I get “cannot establish trust relationship”. Ive sent them new checkpoint soho 6 vpn clients thinking the boxs were defective. Removed their tunnel, gateway connections and made new ones on the main firewall. Updated the images twice on the clients. Ive even sent them both new computers that I know can logon to the network (because they were set up at corp where all the others were set-up)…but not from there. The main fw is a WG firebox III. The remote machines are dell gx270s running win2k pro and the server that administers the firewall is a 2k server. It’s a 2k network.

One of them has covad as an isp while the other has version. All the others are mostly version with two others using covad and a few cable thrown in, without a problem on any of them.

Im completely at a loss. Any suggestions?