Hey guys tell me what you thin since I value your opinion greatly:

(...takes huge gulp of coffee...and....HE'S OFF!)

I recently bought Morrowind for Xbox which is really cool is like playing an ofline MMORPG but instead of O for Online it's O for Offline but anyways like I said what happens when a game has many character classes is that I get frustrated cuz the only way I can enjoy an RPG is to play like I AM the character, call me geeky, but it's fun. "shew"


So anyways I'm torn between a Mage, an Assasin or a Crusader/Fighter dude I asked my friends they can't decide either one says Fighter because we both like epic stuff and screaming "FREEDOM!" at random intervals of a LAN party one says assasin because I'm really sneaky and smart and can kick arse in Multiplayer Splinter Cell one says Mage cuz I'm really smart and cuz I like to read books and cuz my favorite character from LOTR is Gandalf and cuz I'm all wise and "Old-Soul"-ish and so....


.... what do you think? (pheeew) Pick up those prompters and vote now!