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Thread: 1st Worldwide Internet Security campaign

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    1st Worldwide Internet Security campaign

    The Internet is not a parallel universe: it is part of our own world.

    The aim of the 1st Worldwide Internet Security Campaign is to make the Internet a safer place for all users.

    Help us rid the planet of viruses and intruders!
    Link : http://www.worldwidesecure.org/en/
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Just as we all take precautions in all aspects of everyday life to safeguard security and personal safety, we also need to follow certain guidelines and use the correct tools to ensure the same kind of security on the Internet.


    ha, I wish.

    There will always be people that are none-computer savy, and those people will always do dumb **** like, not using a FW, or AV or simply being intelligent about what they do.
    (As a side note, please let's not start that damn, you don't have to use a FW on a computer to be safe thing again.)

    I find it hard to believe that there will ever be a secure I world. Main reason is. If everyone was to start patching and making sure there **** was straight. There would still be people that could exploit computers. All be it, less people. But there would still be people that can and will.

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    Well if it gets more people to download Panda AV, WindowsUpdates and Spybot S&D ..

    It would possibly make the world a better place..
    Neh really.. I think this is a cheap Commercial advertisement plan..
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