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Thread: Unreal Tournament Security Flaw!

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    Unreal Tournament Security Flaw!

    Read it! It's Highly critical! Remote Attack!

    Source and Link : http://secunia.com/advisories/11900/
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    I guess it's good that i'm on dial-up and dont play MultiPlayer Tx for the heads up, didnt know my favorite game had a flaw.

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    Here's the all important message you should walk away from this report with.....

    "Only play multi-player games on trusted, local networks."

    Unknown = potentially dangerous.
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    Only playing multiplayer games on trusted local networks kind of defeats the appeal of jumping into an arena in the middle of the night and playing some bloke in the UK. There is an inherent risk there, but small IMO. There are way more dangers in connecting your browser to the internet than playing a multiplayer game. I state that based on number of nongame exploits versus game exploits in both Linux and Windows. That is one reason smart gamers are carefull to which servers they connect to. For instance, you run into one ran by a bunch of a-holes or you see alot of cheating, chances are the server is bad. Get out and ban it. Most games also allow real time net stats to be displayed, watch those for abnormal behavior. During times like this when a patch is waiting, stick to ONLY servers you trust or don't play at all for a few weeks. You can also fix this one locally by editing some setting in the script engine but I haven't tested anything or looked deeper into the discussion.
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